New Construction

Utilizing a blend of intelligent design, traditional craftsmanship, and superior materials, our mission is to craft thoughtful outdoor environments for every client. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure the quality of every aspect of our projects, from overall aesthetics to functionality. Through transparent communication and personal engagement, our team will guide you through each stage of the design process, creating your ideal oasis.

  • Custom concrete pools and spas
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Polished interior plaster finishes by Wet Edge Technologies, Primera Stone
  • AquaBRIGHT by EccoFINISH pool finish
  • Fiberglass pools by Imagine Pools and Latham
  • Infinity Edges
  • Water features
  • Automatic Covers
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A pool with a view of the ocean and trees.

Where Quality Meets Expertise

With expertise spanning various sectors, including hotels, recreation centres, and residential developments, we guarantee adherence to Health Act regulations.

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Pool Remodelling & Renovation

Whether you’re looking to repair surface damage or upgrade with a complete pool makeover, we have you covered. In addition to replastering, we also offer tile replacement, custom water features, to resizing/reshaping the existing structure.

During your pool renovation, we can update any old plumbing and upgrade your old, inefficient pool equipment into something more modern.

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Pool/equipment maintenance and premium products to ensure your pool remains pristine. Regular scheduling: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. Full cleaning: brushing, skimming, vacuuming, chemical balancing, inspection and cleaning of equipment. Pool opening and closing. Inspections. 



Special Features

HydraMatic by AquaMatic
  • Ensure safety and protection with Aquamatic's HydraMatic covers, designed to safeguard your pool when not in use.
Hydra Lux Cover by Aquamatic
  • Experience luxury and sophistication with Aquamatic's Hydra Lux cover, offering both aesthetics and functionality.
In-Floor Cleaning by Paramount PV3
  • Paramount PV3's in-floor cleaning system circulates 100% of pool water every hour, effectively managing debris by keeping it in motion until absorbed by skimmers and drains.
  • Introduces heated, chemically treated water into the pool floor, ensuring efficient heating and treatment of pool water.
Saltwater Chemistry by Hayward Industries
  • Enjoy low-cost operation and gentle water treatment with Hayward Industries' saltwater chemistry, offering ease on skin, eyes, and bathing attire.
  • Sense and Dispense technology provides automatic chlorine generation from salt cells to set levels, alongside pH control facilitated by an acid solution tank.
Logic-Controlled Integrated Systems
  • Streamline operation and maximize efficiency with logic-controlled integrated systems, which utilize a single filter, pump, and heater for both pool and spa, as well as lighting and auxiliary functions.
LED Lighting
  • Illuminate your pool with versatility using LED lighting, offering up to 17 colours and various light show options to enhance ambience and aesthetics.
Geo Thermal and Heat Pump Technology
  • Optimize climate control for indoor pools with geothermal and heat pump technology, providing dehumidification and efficient heating solutions for year-round comfort and enjoyment.

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